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2016 V2SNCRF-Virtual VS National-Career-Fair-Calendar

Virtual VeteranStrong Career Resource Fairs
2016  Schedule*
Virtual Registration online Dates

The following first registration link is for both employers and job seekers:

  1. Career Seekers:
    registration link for career seekers (seekers just need to register by clicking here)
  2. Employment Participants:
    Yes, employers need to register the same as the career seekers, it is the same URL or web site address, however, an employer first needs to create an account with; if they’re not already an member prior to registering on the VeteranStrong Registration site, this way the password they will have created is for their membership; and is then cached into memory, and when they register on the main entry site, it should automatically populate their profile and send them into their virtual booth space they’ve created.
    Note: VeteranStrong will provide development guidance to create company booth space. – employers (need to create a profile and company profile by clicking here)
1. We have gathered more interest in the state of Oregon, city of Portland and will be developing a new online venue for that show area for potential employers.
Employers must notify us immediately to attain scheduling development appointments.
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