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Workforce Development Intern

Requisition Number: 6228-0021

Sales Account Executive Intern Positions

Description: Sales and HR Workforce Development Intern. Will learn to support and develop Sales Account Executive Accounts-In Local or National-Sales or Human Resource or Recruiting. May become independent to transition into an SAE Commission position. Commanding knowledge and/or College level competency of Microsoft office suite. Manage and maintain an annual schedule and calendar up to five years in delivery content data.

Will interact with hundreds of VeteranStrong Employers from Fortune 500 to $100 million Small Businesses and many others. After six months VeteranStrong may offer you 1099 position or provide you for your loyalty a sterling and high recommendation to one of our employers if you’d like or take on one of our possible opening if available.

No Sales or Human Resource or Recruiting Experience Required. Commissions are available immediately.


Require to fill 200 positions totaling within All fifty states…


Must be willing to produce at least two hours of service per day for six months or complete required training sooner.

Based on Experience. Must have command usage of Office Suite Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Internet research skills minimal. Reporting and analytical capabilities is key and a major plus.  No Sales or Human Resource or Recruiting Experience Required. Must have at least two years of military experience or Family Readiness Group or similar military family support experience.