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VeteranStrong Educational Platform.
(An International Enterprise)

VeteranStrong is an Educational platform to support TREE H&H; Training, Reintegration, Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare & Housing.

Providing resources and services that apply to the Veteran/Reserve/Military Communities.

About Us: We are Veterans, helping Veterans. “Veteran Strong,” we are  the personnel who were previously in uniform serving our country as the Soldier, the Airman or Airwoman, the Sailor, the Marine,  the Coast Guardsmen,  and are now  part of the Veterans/Reserves/Military Community (VRMC). We are those who serve or served faithfully, without being asked to support and defend our great nation.  We are the family members who stand or stood by and defend or defended our means for our Servicemembers to come home too.

This site is dedicated to all those who defend or defended our great nation under Old Glory for our families.  For God (or higher power) and Country, apple pie and the girl or boy next door.  For the family down the street, the gas attendant, the grocery store  cashier and the rest of those who supported us at home, “This we’ll defend” while we served near or abroad.  It doesn’t matter, we serviced together faithfully. Thus, this is for us.

We provide valued propositions of services,  products and/or solutions that the VRMC is looking for;  and if we don’t have it, tell us and we”ll do what we can to find it for you. Whether it be a product, service or Community Service Solution Provider/Partner, we’ll do what we can to find you a solution. Please feel free to let us know what you would like to see, hear or something you may need.  Let’s see what we can do to help. 🙂

We growing, we’re having growing pains into new uncharted waters, we’re international now! We’re in over 200 countries all over the world. We’re headquartered in Riverside, California. We also have three major offices on KC, Overland, Missouri, and a large office building in Ontario, Canada. We just opened satellite offices in Washington State, Colorado State, Florida State and many more offices opening every month… is now an International Company…

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