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VeteranStrong Human Resource & Recruiter Corps:

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VeteranStrong Real Estate Corps:

VeteranStrong Ambassadors are our diplomats, in our service, who are tactful persons and sensitive in dealings with other people who might be inviting others to support the VeteranStrong mission and its right of passage to enhance the ability to support the VRMC on their behalf and in their (VRMC’s) best interest.

Ms. Rosie Rodriguez
National Executive Director
Los Angeles,
California Ambassador for VeteranStrong

We have different Levels of Ambassadorships:

Level I, shall be the highest level VeteranStrong Ambassador, the National Ambassador; with the responsibility, with that rank, they shall be formally representing as head of all regions and states, with plenipotentiary powers (i.e. full authority to represent the VeteranStrong Real Estate Corps).
Level II, shall be one of the six States Regional Area Ambassadors in the USA;
Level III, shall be an individual State Ambassador;
Level IV, State County Regional Area Ambassador,
Level V, Individual State County Ambassador.

Reaching and touching across the country to find those looking for you, the Realtor…

Our Ambassadors, envoy, and/or delegates shall be invested with full authority to act or negotiate independently on behalf of VeteranStrong for the benefits of the VRMC’s, again, with our best interest in mind, according to our established policy and procedures throughout our approval process and training.

Our modern usage use, most of our ambassadors shall  carry the full title of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. “Ordinary” ambassadors and non-plenipotentiary status shall be used as honorary postions to support us in different manners, although they will be encountered in certain circumstances. The only difference between an extraordinary ambassador and an ordinary ambassador is that while the former’s mission is permanent, the latter shall serve only for specific missions.