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  1. 480-468-2444
    Stryon Public Safety & Security is determined to be the best security services company. We focus on security guards and patrol service business, offering service to Home Owners Associations, Business Complexes, Shopping Centers, and much more. We continually earn recognition and trust from clients, shareholders, and staff through our ability to anticipate, learn and shape our future.
    We share a common ambition to succeed by delivering quality in what we do. Our purpose is to secure and protect our client’s way of life and their assets. We use our resources to develop effective security solutions and services for our clients. We foster a distinctive culture of ambition, performance and learning as this attracts, retains and develops the best talent for our company.

    Stryon Public Safety & Security is a Veteran owned and operated company that employs veterans with security backgrounds and a high level of awareness training and crime deterrence.

    Seeking Businesses in the Phoenix Valley area to employ veterans in security positions.

    “Stryon Public Safety & Security has made tremendous changes in my communities, from the first day on the job. Their main concern is the safety of our residents and the property; they have changed the attitudes of our residents to respecting the guards, not fearing them. With the previous companies, untimely reports were common, however that is an issue of the past with Stryon as their software generates the reports as they happen while the guards are on site scanning their checkpoints. I cannot express how wonderful and user friendly the software is. Stryon Public Safety & Security is dependable, responsive and professional. My communities benefit from their presence.”
    Mary Chaira
    Snow Property Services

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