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VeteranStrong eGoodieBag® MarketingeGoodieBag5

Reach out to thousands of the Veteran/Reserve/Military Community (VRMC) members with an eGoodieBag®. This will help you and your company to provide the right coupons, discounts and/or gifts to the VRMC attendees within the registration process at the V2SCRF (Virtual VeteranStrong Career Resource Fairs) which is what they can only receive at our virtual hiring events…

An eGoodieBag® are freebies or gifts which companies supplies as products and/or services that can be used to assist by either or both Career Seekers and Human Resource or Recruiting Department participants. These special items of interest and are resources or products for work or play that will help them and/or be able to use within their career searches.

Request of Interest (RFI)

Companies of interest will submit a Request for Interest with their offerings and VeteranStrong Staff will determine if the items of interest are suitable to support our participants’ in their best interest.

Companies may submit any proposals for what they believe could be useful in the eGoodieBag® content. Coupons- for Computer, Laptop, Tablets, Phones or other automation equipment products or service discounts for local & National retail stores, or much more; Professional Resume Services, Executive Search Services, Information Packages of Professional Career Developments, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS); Additional Career Fair Notices, HR Software Packages, Resume Software Packages, or much more, get creative with your Promotional Product Offerings!

RFI’ or suggestions may be submitted to