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VeteranStrong Educational Platform.
(An International Enterprise)

VeteranStrong is an Educational platform to support TREE H&H; Training, Reintegration, Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare & Housing.

Providing resources and services that apply to the Veteran/Reserve/Military Communities (VRMC).

A new page that tells our friends about our cause marketing and other supporting ideas. Help us, help you to reach out to our Veteran/Reserve/Communities (VRMC) nationally with career and resource
opportunities and ideas.


The Million VeteranStrong March (MVM), is a challenge to the nations millions’ of businesses, big or small, we just want One Million Employers to hire one veteran each!:


        1. In just a few simple moments of you time, you can resend our Newsletter to family and
        2. Recommend users to come to our site and tell us what you’ve got for us… Do you have work, jobs, careers, , education,
          work-a form of employment that will sustain themselves;
          b. job-something to get you started or for the means time to help us get on our feet;
          c. career- Employment that is earmarked for a well trained individual.
        3. Help us to learn to network, and send us in the right direction
        4. Spread the word, like us, there are literally thousands of for-profit and non-profits organizations that are working very hard to support our VRMC.
        5. Marketing tools, software, development support for the betterment of our services.
        6. Your Professional advice and ability to serve your state and national VeteranStrong Organizations.

Check this out!  The misnomer that all uniformed personnel necessarily have to be a shooter; in these graphs it shows that approximately 86% of the military have extremely transferable work skills:

VeteranStrong Workforce

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And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. — John F. Kennedy, inauguration address, ..