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WHEELMAN (Inland Maritime Transportation)


DFL & Associates LLC

Job Description:

Schedule: 28 Days On/14 Days Off Benefits: Health, Dental, Vision, Life6% 401K Match Dollar for Dollar4 Double Pay HolidaysPaid Travel$100 Ride Over Per Day$100 Inconvenience Fee Per Day Salaries: Pilot – $535Relief Captain – $560Captain – $585$15 Extra Per Day if Posted from Lemont to CorpusMonthly Pay Requirements: Valid Driver’s License/TWIC/MMCUnlimited Towing or Mate of TowingExperience on the ICW & Upper/Lower (Inland & Western)Strong Work History Job Description:The pilot is responsible for the safe, efficient and environmentally complaint operation of the vessel. Job Responsibilities:Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following: 1. Responsible for supervising the watch when the Captain and Relief Captain are off watch. This includes the safe and efficientoperation and performance of the crew, vessel and tow, and for ensuring equipment is kept neat, and in good working order.2. Report to the Port Captain all violations of Company policies or violations of federal, state or local laws.3. Routine maintenance and operation of all machinery aboard the vessel and tow. If the vessel’s crew includes an Engineer, these responsibilities will be his. The Pilot will ensure that the tankermen check the barge pump engines for fuel, oil, water and antifreeze.4. Advise the office of anticipated crew shortages or overages.5. Set the watch standing schedule for his crew, ensuring that no licensed wheelman works more than 12 hours in a 24 hour period.6. Post a station bill and ensure all crewmembers are familiar with their respective stations and duties in case of an emergency.7. Ensure that he, the Relief Captain or the Captain will be on watch at all times. If he leaves the wheelhouse when vessel is not underway, a crewman must be posted in the wheelhouse for security reasons and to monitor and attend the radio.8. If acting as Captain, making frequent, regular inspections of the entire vessel. This includes crew quarters, heads, galley,machinery spaces and all other areas of the boat and barges to ensure neatness, cleanliness, orderliness, safety and proper maintenance.9. Ensure that all barges are in good operating condition and must report any deficiencies to the Port Captain or Port Engineer.Damaged or endangered barges must be reported immediately and appropriate measures taken to ensure their safety.10. Report Boat Position; barges with cargo; time and location of exchange of barges; estimated time of arrival/departure; report delay time, place and cause; quality of fuel aboard and received, and any other pertinent information.11. Maintain the Vessel Daily Log and see that it is updated at the end of each 6 hour watch by himself or his relief.12. Report all injuries or illnesses of crewmembers by first calling, and second, faxing or otherwise transmitting information to the Dispatch Department on a First Report of Incident form as soon as he becomes aware of such injury or illness. He should thenenter the incident in the Vessel’s Daily Log, and have the injured party sign or initial the entry.13. Report all accidents and spills resulting in possible damage or spillage on any Company vessels or tows, fixed objects such as buoys, or damage which results in cargo loss, contamination, spills or pollution. Report on the Company’s First Report of Incident form for accidents and/or on the Company Initial Spill Report form.14. Enter all incidents in the Vessel Daily Log, and sent to Company Dispatch Department.15. Determine the need or necessity of any supplies or groceries, the master must ensure all receipts for fuel, oil, groceries, lines, and any other supplies are sent to the office as soon as possible.16. Responsible for having fire extinguishers refilled; an accessible fire hose at each fire station; ensuring dewatering pumpsare onboard the vessel; make sure all safety supplies is on board and available; replenishing all first aid supplies; properly train all crewmembers in first aid procedures and fire safety procedures.17. Conduct monthly drills and safety meetings in accordance with company policy; conduct quarterly spill drills.18. Work aboard the vessel with a work schedule based on 28 days on and 14 days off and stands watch for 12 hours each day divided into two six hour shifts.19. Live in close quarters for long periods of time and is able to work away from home.20. Adhere to and comply with company and safety policies, United States Coast Guard Regulations and environmental laws andregulations. Physical Demands:The Pilot may be required to sit or stand for long periods of time while navigating the vessel, up to the full length of a six hour watch. They will frequently walk from the towboat to a barge or from barge to barge to supervise cargo operations or other crew activities while the vessels are moored, covering distances up to 1,100 feet while doing so. During the course of conducting these supervisory activities, they will cross sills, lines, cables, ledges and pipelines. They will also climb ladders, pushknees, catwalks and stairways and may occasionally travel from one barge to another with differences in height of up to 10feet. A Pilot must have vision that allows them to safely operate the vessel in situations that are likely to occur when a boat is in navigation night and day. They must have color vision that enables them to identify navigation lights, signals and symbols.They must have good hearing that allows them to communicate effectively with other vessels, Coast Guard stations and Corps of Engineers lockmasters. A Pilot is required to be able to lift up to 75 pounds. They must be able to work in extreme weather conditions. Required Certifications: A Pilot must have a U.S. Coast Guard license as Master or Mate Operator, uninspected towing vessels, endorsed for service anycombination of inland waters, Western Rivers, Near Coastal, and/or Great Lakes.

Company Description:

Headquartered in Houston, Texas DFL & Associates is a recruiting and staffing firm that brings over 20 years of service in a broad spectrum of industries including Banking, Sales, Professional Sports, Biopharmaceuticals, Multifamily Real Estate, Construction, Oil and Gas, and Food & Beverage just to name a few. We believe our diverse background and international presence are one of the key factors that set us apart.

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