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MVM Challenge

How Does it work?

National “Million VeteranStrong March” CHALLENGE, whereas,
“One Million Businesses, Each Hires One Veteran!”

VSN Ver 3.0 Hiring
The Authorized Logo to be used for participating members on their web sites and possibly other requested locations.

As an Employer, when you hire a Veteran, you tell us that you hired them, no names please. Just give us your company name, and the position you hired them for. We will put your company name, date and the position you hired this Veteran for and we’ll tally up the number of veterans you and America has hired. We will put you on a list on our we website as a “VeteranStrong” Supporter! Plus you’ll be allowed the use of our logo on your website up to a year, licensed to your company from “VeteranStrong.”

For more information on the program, fill out the boxes below and we’ll contact you with more details.


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Thank you for your interest in supporting our Nations Veterans.

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