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Angels Supporting VeteranStrong Hiring Solutions & Initiatives

We have two different types of tickets available; (i) Free with proper ID and not for resale; (ii) Purchasable tickets with proper ID at reduced cost, and funds raised will be used to support the VeteranStrong Hiring Solutions and the “Million VeteranStrong March” that challenges One Million Employers of the 30 Million to hire at least one Veteran and/or their family members.

This ticket dates listed below are free passes (Parking not included), courtesy of the Los Angeles Angeles and our VeteranStrong Initiative.

Tickets are being sold to support VeteranStrong Initiatives which support many Veteran Companies and Organizations.

We’ll keep you updated on Information for future games against the  Los Angeles Angeles.

Schedules: Pending distribution authorization.
For more information write to 


Courtesy of, producer of the “Being VeteranStrong” Radio Show!

2016 Stadium Map
Team To Be Determined Team To Be Determined Team Name & Date


The Los Angeles Angels in Collaboration with VeteranStrong (VS) are supporting hiring solutions for the Veteran/Reserve/Military Communities (VRMC) in Supporting Employer Awareness Resource Solutions (SEARS). 

VS wants Employers to participate in the “Million VeteranStrong March” where One Million Businesses each hire one Veteran, Reservist or a Military member coming out.

All these Tickets Purchase must be made one week in advance the game day.





  1. Good morning ma’am/sir,

         I am inquiring about the employment opportunities and ticket options for the Angels and Ranger game on July 26th.

    Thank you for your time.

    Krystine Curtis, Veteran

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